Get in touch with your surroundings like never before.
Photos, status’, maps and moods, engage with the community with FreeMe’s various features.
Photo Sharing
See the world through others eyes.
Content you want to see.

FreeMe’s sleek design allows you to browse photos captured by other FreeMe users; share your thoughts and views of others on their travels.

Status’ & Comments
Express yourself.
News in your area.

Interact with the FreeMe community by sharing your thoughts and impressions with the people who surround you.

Seen a new movie? On holiday somewhere exotic? Post your status to the feed and you will never be left without a discussion.

Our elegant design creates an exciting conversational experience.

FreeMe World
Erase borders.
Discover your surroundings.
Where to go? What to do?

FreeMe World introduces you to the virtual map of your current location and the opportunities that await.

The FreeMe community transforms a once bleak map into an active hub of thoughts, photos, events and ideas. Populated by users around you, never has there been a more exciting tool for discovering your surroundings.

Stay tuned with interesting activities, trending restaurants and impromptu events as the streets which surround you come to life.

Completely customizable.
Personalize your experience.

Wondering what exhibitions are on? Or maybe its food that peaks your interest? FreeMe offers a completely customized browsing experience to bring you only what matters most.

Fine-tune your categorized posts for a sleek, faster and more relevant news feed. Throw away the junk and leave the things that you love.

Discover Freedom
Don't waste your time. Live today. Be active. Enjoy life.
Our philosophy.

The FreeMe team believes in using social media as a tool for re-engaging people with the world around them. We truly believe that geolocation as a driver for social media is revolutionary and FreeMe is the perfect app for exploring this.

Our main goal is to tap into people interests and let them share, explore & discover them anywhere they go. This leads to the creation of a thriving FreeMe community, buzzing with interesting activities, photos and thoughts everywhere you go. And just like that FreeMe becomes a tool for truly discovering the world around you.

All our ideas are people-orientated and we are always thinking about what’s best for our users.

Our vision is to minimize the use of gadgets as a social escape, re-invigorate people’s sense of discovery and encourage them to engage more with the people and events that surround them.

Why us?

Our team of 8 is a diverse group of interesting minds, who mainly collaborate ideas from our life experiences. With some of us still only students, we also have a vast range of differing inputs, with our backgrounds including I.T., marketing, social media analytics and even movie production.

Since its inception, FreeMe has been developing for roughly 18 months now and our desire to make people’s lives more interesting and fascinating is stronger than ever. We hope our idea can inspire a new generation of people’s use of social media and to conclude, if you’re reading this, it means that we are at least doing something right. Enjoy.

Download FreeMe and discover freedom!
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